Tryllium – Thundering Heart

768 million people still live without access to clean water.

Thanks to artistic collaboration between Marya Stark, Ball and Tyson Leonard, every penny generated by sales of this single fund a project very near to our hearts.

Visit GIVE.GENEROSITY.ORG/TAPTHEFLOW24 to help! Learn more below!

You can also help by purchasing the song:

While there are many important issues facing our world today, providing clean water is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty. Access to clean water gives a person the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. The time kids once spent in hospital beds can now be spent in a classroom, gaining an education to bring change to their community. The hours women once spent walking to fetch water can now be spent earning a living for their families.

Together, you and I can create that change. Thousands of people have joined the movement to provide clean water to communities around the world.


Tryllium is:
Marya Stark Ball

Tyson Leonard

Video Produced by Fox Jump Cinematics

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