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Wave Of Good Noise

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Lyrics :

I wandered around for things I thought existed
So I entered your house with intent to reverse my doubts

I got inside, got inside my head
Ain’t no logic in the things I said
I shut the door before you left
And now we’re sleeping in a twin-sized bed

I could never bend you back or forwards
I could never taste the air that you breathe
and I could never tell what’s wrong or right in my mind

I’d love to take you home
But there’s something in the sun that I am running from
Oh, I’ll take my chances with the moon at night

Invested my time in thoughts that just elude me
My friends think I’ll die trying to convince my mind

I was afraid, I was terrified
Found myself without an alibi
And I wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t dare to tie
A knot with thoughts that tangle up my pride

Take back my false assumptions
of what I am, what I do, There’s nothing to lose
And what is the point of function
if I don’t operate in time to keep you

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