The Flash 2×18 Barry Gives Zoom His Speed

This really broke my heart.Barry truly loves Wally as family and was willing to give up all his speed to get him back.I’m quite worried what the side effects of this will be.Th last time a tiny portion of his speed was taken by Wells,we saw how drained n tired he became,it affected his body in a negative way.with 100% of the speedforce out of his system I have a feeling he’s gonna become quite sick,I hope they manage to get his speed back by the finale.we also learn who “Jay” was, a time remnant of Hunter’s past self,very interesting.He’s kidnapped Caitlin n with Barry out of commission now,it will be nearly impossible to go rescue her,but I think there’s some comfort in knowing that Hunter loves her n he most likely won’t bring her to any harm.More than ever I wanna know who the guy in the iron mask is..gahhh the suspense.I also think it wont be long before Wally puts two n two together n figures out Barry is The Flash.Overall this ep was just mind blowing,after that torturous hiatus,this was definitely well needed.spectacular episode.

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