Not This Time – Cultured Pearls

I’ve been sitting on my bed
With a glass on my hand
Tryin’ to figure out a way for me to understand
Through this talk we’ve just had
The questions I have asked somebody yesterday
About the sign that’s in your eyes
About the biggest smile
All your face in the way
Questions I have asked somebody how you feel
Only eyes reveal
Your answer’s not for real

But I can’t read you mind
Not this time
I just wanna know what you’re going through
I don’t feel wrong about asking you
But I can’t read your mind
Not this time

There are times when you don’t wanna say
That there are problems in your head that you can’t explain
I have been that way
Baby there’s a hunger, a kiss or two
But not forever do
If only I’d reach you

Maybe I’m a child
Maybe I’m a woman
Maybe I am old
Maybe I said something
Reasons, to push me away
Maybe I have laughed
Maybe I have cried
But never did I try
To put hurt on your side

I can’t read your mind
Not this time

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