Law Abiding Citizen Ending | Final Scene | Last Scene | Gerard Butler | Jamie Foxx

Shelton (Gerard Butler) returns to his cell via the garage after planting the bomb and is surprised to find Rice (Jamie Foxx) waiting for him. Rice states that it is the end of the road for him and he should do the right thing. Shelton says that he is doing the right thing but Rice just has to see it that way. Rice explains that it’s not right to murder people and that Shelton is only causing the same pain that he is going through. Shelton suggests another deal, but Rice states that he no longer makes deals with murderers, and that Shelton taught him that. Shelton is elated that Rice has finally understood, but despite Rice’s pleas, Shelton chooses to detonate the bomb. Rice quickly leaves the cell, revealing that it was a trick; Shelton discovers the bomb handcuffed to his bed. He sits on his bed pulling out his daughter’s bracelet, gazing at it with a look of sadness as the bomb explodes.

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