Finding Updated Vector Icons for Use in Writing Today

I had an old CD of vector icons that I popped into my computer to look for some images to use for a document I was working on. I had used it years ago. I was looking for things such as iOS icons, and that was useless with that old CD. Back then, that line of products did not even exist. I kind of laughed seeing the old icons of computers with big monitors and even floppy disks. I got online and found an updated pack of vector icons that made sense for using in print and online today.

Icons are named as such because each image carries with it a meaning. For example, a game console brings to mind video games. However, today’s consoles are much more advanced and do not look like the ones from the early 90s. Back then they did not even have tablet computers and smartwatches like are available today. That old CD was fun to look at to even see iconic fashion symbols of the era. If you can imagine what icons might have looked like from your great-grandmother’s day, then you can understand what I was seeing on that old CD.

The new pack of vector icons I got included 2,000 images of every sort including iOS icons. I will get a lot of use out of this icon pack like I did that old CD I had from years ago. I do wonder what the new ones will look like 20 years from now. Iconic imagery has been used in advertising, writing, journalism and other forms of media since the first images were put to print. Those little cartoon icons really can add punch to business writing as well as serving many purposes for personal use. Getting them in resizable vectors makes it easy to fit the size of the image to your needs.