It Was Time to Fix Something That Had Been Bothering Me

I had never really liked my teeth. This is because they were very small. Even though I lost all my childhood teeth and my adult teeth grew in, the new adult teeth were very small. And I also had a lot of gaps between many of them. It did not look very nice and it also caused a lot of food to get caught between them on many occasions. This causes bad breath and it is embarrassing. I decided that seeing a cosmetic dentist in Grand Rapids would be a smart move. I am not a very vain person, but I also felt like being comfortable with every part of my body so that I do not have to worry unnecessarily about how I look to other people is something to work on.

I had heard a lot of good things about a dentist who is located in my city in a really nice part of town. A lot of wealthy people go to see him because he does such a good job. I chose to go see him. When I showed up for my appointment, I saw a binder on the receptionist’s desk that shows before and after pictures of some of his patients. I was really impressed as I thumbed slowly through each page. I felt that I had made a good decision.

I was concerned that I would not be able to afford whatever help the dentist could give me because I took it upon myself to assume that my teeth and what needed to be done to them would be extensive. But he proved me wrong right away. And the work that he wanted to do would only take about 4 appointments spread out over a month’s time. The price was very doable. I got the work done, and for the first time, I find myself smiling all the time now.

Predicting the Winner with Madden

EA really did a good job with Madden this year. A Madden 16 roster update was released that added a lot of new players and stats. I’ve been waiting on this update ever since the playoffs started. I like to create a team with the strongest players from all over the league and pit it against the others. I can also perform my own Super Bowl prediction game. All I have to do is take each of the teams that are competing in the Super Bowl and set them to play against each other, using the game’s AI to control them.

For the last couple of years, when I did the prediction game, the results turned out to be different from the actual game. Before that, the game would always correctly predict the Super Bowl winner, and I would occasionally make a bet based on the match. I’ve decided to make a bet again this year, but I won’t make one as big as I have in previous years. I have a feeling that the game will predict the opposite outcome once again. If I lose, at least it won’t be a big loss, and I won’t be too mad at the game.

One of my friends who is a huge Madden fanatic has already done his prediction game and is making a bet on the Broncos. It’s possible that they may win another Super Bowl, but the Panthers have gone this entire season and only lost one game to the Falcons. If there’s anyone who could possibly beat the Broncos in this game, then it’s the Panthers. I know a lot of people will be cheering for them where I live. The quarterback of the Panthers is from my area, so everyone around here is rooting for him and his team to win.